Online Learning, Academic Outreach, and Academic Innovation

The Office of Online Learning, Academic Outreach, and Academic Innovation (OLAOAI) is a multifaceted office within the university engaging with a variety of internal and external stakeholders. The office respects, understands and responds to the unique demands of all types of learners and is committed to ensuring access, engagement, and success for those learners. The office supports the university in its leadership role in the areas of distance and technology enhanced learning, both in our region and beyond. The educational and economic development of the citizens of its service area is a focal point for the office.

The office conducts its activities in partnership with all units of the university and encompasses distance and online education, National Council State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements, Experiential Learning Inventory (ELI), the ECU Proctoring Center, the Testing Center, and Military Outreach. Additionally, the office serves as the centerpiece of ECU’s Collaborative for Online Learning, a campus-wide network of services and supports that provide points of access and engagement for both students and faculty in the online learning space with the stated end goal of ensuring success of all in the university online ecosystem.